The Conversation Project

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You have insured your future, planned for education, secured your material assets health care.
Have you insured your future quality of life?
Have you given thought to the values that give your life meaning?
Have you considered how health care decision-making might impact on how you live?

Health care decisions are often complex and frightening. But these decisions will likely effect how you will live your life till the very last day. Others may need to make these decisions on your behalf. Have you discussed your wishes about health care decisions with the people closest to you? If not, you may be forfeiting the opportunity to choose the care you will be given.

The Conversation Project (TCP) is a caring, and life-enriching process, which guides you in clarifying important issues around the complex areas of health care decision-making. Often, challenges arise when it is “too late” to make your wishes known …This tragedy can be avoided.

Life’s Door, in collaboration with The Conversation Project* in the United States offers a supportive experience to explore critical health care choices. TCP breaks the barrier of silence that interferes with providing value-based caring for you as your health needs may change.

Do not wait to have THE MOST IMPORTANT CONVERSATION OF YOUR LIFE. Do it for yourself… do it for your loved ones. Do it today! Have The Conversation…and invite others to join.

*Life’s Door is proud to have been selected as the first organization to launch The Conversation Project outside of the USA

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Creating a Caring Community Together – Nov 11th-14th

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Lay leaders and Health and Social Service Professionals:
Join the Global Caring Community

Early registration closing October 10th, 2019

Registration Open for Upcoming Fall 2019 Training
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It Is My Nature to See You–Medicine at the Service Of The Patient

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The personal medicine field is gaining momentum with each passing day, finding the specific genetic mark of the patient and providing the medical staff with tools for more effective medical treatment.

But the body and soul are intertwined. Personal medicine should also deal with adapting mental, ideological and cultural aspects to the patient. It requires each of us, every single day, to see the person behind the illness – all his wishes, values and needs.

Life’s Door has decided to take patient-centered care to the next level, and has initiated the “It Is My Nature to See You”. The purpose of the program is to implement within the medical system a therapeutic culture which promotes the patient’s wellbeing by focusing on patients who are hospitalized, the families who accompany them and the healthcare staff.

The program was first launched in the Internal Department of the Hadassah Mt. Scopus Medical Center and is expected to begin at “Assaf Harofeh” Medical Center in November 2018. The program includes an annual course, specialized seminars as well as the incorporation of a Quality of Life Advocate (SCP-C) who is an integral part of the department. The QLA joins the doctor’s rounds and serves as a model for the implementation of the necessary cultural-behavioral.

We see the person behind the illness, respect his wishes, and change the approach to life.

The Pamm Gross Kahane Healthcare Research Institute – PGKHRI

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PGKHRI studies human suffering and loss and formally documents how best to address these human conditions. The Life’s Door goal is to affect behaviors in medical practice that facilitate hope, meaning and resilience for patients, their families, and healthcare professionals.  The Institute seeks to offer compelling, innovative solutions.

 PGKHRI is affiliated with leading academic and healthcare institutions around the globe. The institute shares information and insights, provides leadership, and works in collaboration on multiple initiatives. These relationships allow the PGKHRI to gather “big data” and mine knowledge to develop state of the art models and measure their effectiveness.

PGKHRI honors the memory and legacy of Pamm Gross Kahane and her approach to life and to illness – which she displayed and shared in her professional role as a nurse, and as a volunteer who supported patients and families within the Life’s Door community

Institute Values:

Enhancing Compassion and Hope

Commitment to Excellence

Partnership and Collaboration

Integrity and Transparency


The Conversation Circle

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Who cares for those who care for the sick and the elderly? Can health care professionals who are burned-out themselves offer quality care to those in need?

Healthcare professionals are trained to combat disease and make critical life and-death decisions daily. The emotional load is immense. Sadly, the symptoms of professional burnout are often ignored.

Conversation Circles is a Life’s Door initiative which addresses this void by creating ripples of caring, empathy and compassion that start with the professional.

Conversation Circles provides a venue for bolstering the resilience of professionals through communication, validation and creating supportive teams that offer meaning and strength.

Conversation Circles revives compassion and commitment to healing within health care professionals to ensure requires to effective care of those in need.

Conversation Circles utilizes state of the art methods including mindfulness, self-compassion and team cohesion for optimal health care.

Conversation Circles: Creating ripples of compassion and hope.
Transforming the care-team into relationship of healing … as it should be

The Rabbi Melvin J. Glatt Pastoral Care Program

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Is there a common language shared between the health care professionals, laypeople and community spiritual leadership?
We live our daily lives in our community. Can our  leaders guide us in the challenges of illness and aging?

Community rabbis in Israel are a new and evolving breed; becoming an accessible and vital pillar of support for people facing daily life challenges.

The Melvin J. Glatt Memorial Spiritual Care Training Program for Rabbis trains community spiritual leaders in the pastoral skills needed to effectively guide community members through the dark hours of illness, aging and loss.  Trained rabbis offer guidance and are present to explore the deep philosophical, spiritual and ethical questions that can create turmoil in life’s journey.

This trailblazing program fosters critical skills to assure that rabbis are equipped to meet the existential needs of their community members.  (Most rabbinical training programs, in all denominations of Judaism, do not effectively cultivate this important skill sete.)   Through Life’s Door programs and tools, rabbis throughout Israel offer one- and-one and family support and build community resilience to face life’s strains and traumas.

An empowered community, with leadership that engages its members to share their fears, concerns, hopes and dreams, allows life with illness to be punctuated by growth, loving and meaning.

* In memory of Rabbi Melvin J. Glatt z”l, a leader and pioneer in community pastoral care,   and with the generous support of the Glatt Family

Breakthrough in Medical Research

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Over the course of the past 100 years mankind has undergone many changes thanks to the advances in medical systems. Biotechnology, genetics and informatics have caused a positive change in many disease processes. However, theses breakthroughs have come at a price. Healthcare specialists and patients report a decrease in the level of personal care, stemming from this progress. Moreover, the emphasis on measuring productivity has deflected the focus from the need to create compassion, meaning and communication with patients and caregivers.

In addition, we have discovered that in order to preserve the level of interest in the methods presented, we need to develop an interface which will allow immediate and constant contact, which can bring about changes in behavioral patterns. This interface will be achieved by developing an app for smartphones.

“Life’s Door” is positioned to develop an app in cooperation with leaders in the technology and medical sectors. The app will include (among other things) personalized feedback for improvement of hope measurements, which is applied through interactive mechanisms, real-time follow-up on the goal map the users have set for themselves and the use of social media to create a social dynamic which preserves hope. NCT 03074071

Creating a Caring Community Together

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Strengthening community and social services to meets the needs of the aging and the ill



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Can institutional health care settings truly preserve the dignity and humanity of those in their care? Every person deserves this basic right!

Be Prepared – A comprehensive program for families of people challenged with Alzheimer’s

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Hope.  Meaning. Resilience.  These are essential elements to ensure personal and communal wellbeing.


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