Who we are


Who are we?

Life’s Door is a socially-driven, not for profit movement with divisions in Israel and the USA.
Established in 2004, by internationally recognized Oncologist, Benjamin W. Corn, MD Professor & Chair of Radiation Oncology and Deputy Director, Shaare Zedek Cancer Center, and his wife Dvora Corn, a family therapist.

Our mission is to empower hope, meaning, and quality of life throughout illness, aging, and at the end of life.

An initiative of our Pamm Gross Kahane Healthcare Research Institute (PGKHRI), our international Scientific Advisory Board sits at the epicenter of global medical innovation. It brings together leaders and thinkers in health care, education, science, community, philanthropy and private industry to collaborate to lead a quality of life enhancement revolution.

Our pioneering medical interventions are being increasingly validated by leading international health care and scientific forums. Our  “The Science of Hope”  article is the lead feature for the 20th Anniversary Edition of the journal Lancet Oncology, affirming Life’s Door’s vision of including hope in the physician’s tool box as an essential medical intervention.


Our Target Audience

Life’s Door engages health care professionals, patients, elderly, family members, caregivers, clergy, community members, lay leaders, and policy makers to promote hopefulness, wellbeing, dignity, and compassion within healthcare, social service and community settings.

Scientific Advisory Board

With access to innovative technology and a proven aptitude to develop solutions, our groundbreaking international Scientific Advisory Board represents leading organizations and academic medical centers (The US National Cancer Institute, Tel Aviv University, Hebrew University, Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins University, and Duke University MD Anderson and others), and has been immersed in the rigorous study of the science of hope, and its role as a mediator in wellbeing and health care decision-making.

Our prestigious faculty includes:

  • Professor Ben Corn, MD – Deputy Director of Shaare Zedek Cancer Center & Chair of Life’s Door
  • Professor Dan Ariely, PhD – Global Leader in Behavioral Economics
  • Professor Malka Margalit, PhD – Recipient of the Israel Prize for Research in Education.
  • Professor David B. Feldman, PhD – Chairman of Counseling Psychology at Santa Clara University
  • Professor Tom Smith, MD – Director of Palliative Medicine, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions


Hope Based Health-Technology

Over the past 4 years our Scientific Advisory Board, together with collaborative partners, has pioneered a new, dynamic, hope based intervention that is being increasingly validated by leading international health care and scientific forums.

We are pioneering the use of digital technology with healthcare providers, patient advocates and volunteers to deliver hope based support which addresses critical needs of providers and users in the health care system.

The COVID-19 crisis has given Life’s Door the opportunity to share our accumulated knowledge and experience, and has accelerated our digital development.

We have advanced innovative training programs and platforms that have enhanced hopefulness and meaning among tens of thousands of patients and seniors each year, in order to combat isolation and loneliness. With levels of professional burnout and compassion fatigue at record high levels, we are leveraging our decades of experience in applying our model to remediate against these forces in the healthcare environment.

Our pioneering health-technology innovation offers the physician, the patient, and the caregiver improved quality of life, longevity, and the tools for compassionate care as well as effective health care management and decision making. It will allow us to have the most far-reaching and profound global impact.


Collaboration and Partnerships

Life’s Door engages government, policy development bodies, international medical organizations, community leaders, and private industry in partnerships to implement our projects.

We are actively involving institutions, investors, communities, and clinical associates in breakthrough collaborations to develop and actualize hope-based initiatives.



Credentials, Recognition and Awards

In 2011, the Honorable Shimon Peres selected our chairman, Professor Ben Corn, to receive the Presidential Citation for Volunteerism in recognition of profound impact on improved quality of life for patients and their families. Subsequently, in 2018, Professor Corn received the Sylvan Adams Builders of Zion Award for Medicine and Science at a ceremony at the Knesset.

In October, 2020 Life’s Door was recognized by the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption with Prof. Corn being selected as one of 5 exemplary “Olim” for the organization’s impact on health and wellbeing in Israeli society.


Hopetimize ™

Hopetimize ™ is our new, dynamic, digital hope enhancement platform that is positioned to transform the way people around the world confront life’s challenges, aging and illness.

Rigorous research is ongoing to determine if our personalized, cost-effective, interactive tool can impact quality of life, longevity, and compassionate care.

It offers the physician, the patient, and the caregiver effective health care management and decision making.

Our Hopetimize platform is rooted in “hope theory” as posited by Professor Rick Snyder from the University of Kansas, and comprehensively applies it to the holistic care of patients, elderly citizens and their families.

It is based upon a scientific model which has been clinically applied to diverse populations in need for decades

Hopetimize ™ is designed to motivate patients to implement prudent lifestyle changes, to keep up with their treatment and well-being regime, and to achieve proactive quality of life goals.

It seeks to minimize staff burnout, and has the potential to improve adherence to treatment interventions. These endpoints are being formally evaluated in research that is now being conducted

Hopetimize ™ is being increasingly validated by leading international health care and scientific forums, and is already impacting tens of thousands of patients and professionals.





Hope Responders Volunteers

Our “Hope Responders” Covid-19 project has so far recruited, trained, and connected over 700 volunteers to thousands of seniors in need to provide comfort, care, connectivity and hopefulness throughout these lonely times, in spite of physical distance. Our volunteers hold meaningful conversations with seniors in need about their family, life and fears, as well as worries amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

This new Life’s Door initiative has attracted major companies in Israel to provide their employees with an option to connect to seniors in need, and to support their communities, which they can do during work hours. Companies like Coca-Cola, Salesforce, Kornit Digital and Amnir have joined our existing volunteer force of healthcare professionals, students, and olim (new immigrants).