Conversation Project

You have insured your future, planned for education, secured your material assets health care.
Have you insured your future quality of life?
Have you given thought to the values that give your life meaning?
Have you considered how health care decision-making might impact on how you live?

Health care decisions are often complex and frightening. But these decisions will likely effect how you will live your life till the very last day. Others may need to make these decisions on your behalf. Have you discussed your wishes about health care decisions with the people closest to you? If not, you may be forfeiting the opportunity to choose the care you will be given.

The Conversation Project (TCP) is a caring, and life-enriching process, which guides you in clarifying important issues around the complex areas of health care decision-making. Often, challenges arise when it is “too late” to make your wishes known …This tragedy can be avoided.

Life’s Door, in collaboration with The Conversation Project* in the United States offers a supportive experience to explore critical health care choices. TCP breaks the barrier of silence that interferes with providing value-based caring for you as your health needs may change.

Do not wait to have THE MOST IMPORTANT CONVERSATION OF YOUR LIFE. Do it for yourself… do it for your loved ones. Do it today! Have The Conversation…and invite others to join.

*Life’s Door is proud to have been selected as the first organization to launch The Conversation Project outside of the USA

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