Life’s Door has so far recruited, trained, and connected over 700 volunteers to 10,000’s of seniors in need.

The Coronavirus crisis has given Life’s Door the opportunity to share our accumulated knowledge and experience about how to face the difficult challenges of this unprecedented crisis, and to impact one of the most universally challenging Corona effects.


As elderly people everywhere are suffering from isolation and its devastating consequences, we felt that it was vital to provide emotional support. Being unable to leave the confines of their rooms, with meals being left outside the door, and without human contact is hard enough for a two-week quarantine, but it is not acceptable for a sustained period.

Elderly people need a reason to get up in the morning, and to know that they have a tomorrow. They also need social, physical, and mental activities in some form,


Life’s Door has utilized our already existing partnership with the Senior Citizens Ministry and our relationship with the MATAV organization – Supportive Communities for the Elderly – to find a solution.

We have recruited and trained our volunteers, by repurposing our already existing workshops, which we have provided for the past 16 years to healthcare professionals who work with the elderly.

We have so far connected nearly 700 volunteers to 10,000s of seniors in need .

The volunteers hold meaningful conversations with them about their family, life and fears, as well as worries amid the coronavirus pandemic. Some even sing together, others talk about politics or economics, many discuss their grandchildren, and a portion discuss the pain the crisis has caused them.

This new Life’s Door initiative has attracted major companies to provide their employees with an option to connect to seniors in need, and to support their communities, which they can do during work hours. Companies like Coca-Cola, Salesforce, Kornit Digital and Amnir have joined our existing volunteer force comprised of healthcare professions, students, olim (new immigrants), and those who just want to give back to society and comfort those in need.