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We are here for you

Hope is not just for healing. Hope is the possibility of living a life with meaning and purpose. We know that you are coping with serious illness or old age and you are leading a full life within your community, but your situation raises a wide range of reactions, consequences, and effects on all areas of life and challenges you and those around you in coping with a new reality regarding: meaning; self image; world view and life view; physical and emotional functioning; family and community life; parenthood; social life and communicaton, and even setting goals for life and healing, with issues and questions of ‘end of life’. It is important to us that you know that you are not alone on your journey. We are here for you!

We’re Here For You

Israeli Spiritual Care

What is spiritual care? Its goal is to help a person to discover his/her inner spiritual resources, to connect to them, and to learn to use them in a way that will help to bring inner enrichment, happiness and mental and emotional health to one’s life. Spiritual care strengthens the sources of meaning, hope and resilience and helps in coping with difficult feelings, such as guilt, shame, anxiety, fear, anger, lack of acceptance, loneliness, despair, helplessness, hopelessness, etc. All our activities include spiritual support as a tool, alongside other therapeutic tools, such as psychotherapy, psychology and art therapy. Want to know more?

Subsidized Treatment

It is possible to achieve quality of life while living with a difficult illness. People with life-threatening or chronic illnesses and family members! The professionals at Life’s Door are available for a series of individual treatments in Hebrew or English. We also offer couple or family therapy. You are not alone on your journey. Together we will deal with the distress and emotional crisis; we will find sources of hope and meaning; we will create closer, better couple/family relationships; we will adjust to changes and we will see them as opportunities for growth; and we will set goals for a good life and the means to achieve them. The meetings take place in Jerusalem or Beit Shemesh. The subsidized cost of a meeting is 100 shekels. (It is possible to arrange further subsidization if necessary.)

“Ma’agan LaChaim”

Are you or a family member living with a difficult illness? It is possible to cope differently, better. Join us for a group workshop of three meetings (at the subsidized cost of 180 shekels for three meetings) and get the tools for personal development and for effective coping with illness; increased emotional resilience for coping with crises; strengthening the mind/body connection as the key to personal empowerment, and more.


Professor Corn, Founder and Chair of Life’s Door – recipient of the Nefesh B’Nefesh 2017 Bonei Zion award

Bonei Zion award

 Presidential Citation for Volunteerisim awarded to Life’s Door Chair, Professor Benjamin Corn

Life’s Door focuses on the needs of the person behind the illness.  That is the secret key to the magic of their work.  Oranit Dekel ( Dalia and Eli Huravitz Foundation) following a site visit of “Dignity-Support and Hope for the Elderly”