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The Pamm Gross Kahane Healthcare Research Institute (PGKHRI)

PGKHRI studies human suffering and loss and formally documents how best to address these human conditions. The Life’s Door goal is to affect behaviors in medical practice that facilitate hope, meaning and resilience for patients, their families, and healthcare professionals.  The Institute seeks to offer compelling, innovative solutions.

 PGKHRI is affiliated with leading academic and healthcare institutions around the globe. The institute shares information and insights, provides leadership, and works in collaboration on multiple initiatives. These relationships allow the PGKHRI to gather “big data” and mine knowledge to develop state of the art models and measure their effectiveness.

PGKHRI honors the memory and legacy of Pamm Gross Kahane and her approach to life and to illness – which she displayed and shared in her professional role as a nurse, and as a volunteer who supported patients and families within the Life’s Door community

Institute Values:

Enhancing Compassion and Hope

Commitment to Excellence

Partnership and Collaboration

Integrity and Transparency