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Dignity – Support and Hope for the Elderly

Pioneering the Way

Dignity supports patients facing end-of-life, their families and their professional caregivers. We help relieve loneliness, improve quality of life and develop hope, even when death is immanent. Quality-of-Life-Advocates (QOLA) are the pivotal service provider in this innovative program. 

Dignity promotes discussion based on the individual’s internal resources – hopes, values, meaning, circles of belonging; discussions also deal with anxiety regarding end of life and additional issues important to the patient.

This comprehensive program is conducted within in three spheres:

Sphere One – Patients: The QOLA conducts individual sessions of significant content, to resolve physical and emotional loneliness.  Together the patient and QOLA uncover the patient’s internal resources The QOLA helps the patient develop the ability to cope, hope and improve their attitude to life.

Sphere Two – Family: The life of a patient’s family is changed by their loved one’s condition.  Communications often change and become strained; Family members are often unable to deal with the patient’s suffering. The QOLA supports and empowers family members and enhances their ability to communicate and cope with their foreseeable loss, through one-on-one discussions and group workshops.

Sphere Three – Professionals: The QOLA implements workshops that relate to professional issues of the parting processes, difficult news, and the legitimacy of emotions caused by parting as well as practical tools for self and active listening.