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Dignity – We all deserve this basic right!

Can institutional health care settings truly preserve the dignity and humanity of those in their care? Of course- we all deserve this basic right!

Dignity is a  Life’s Door platform that ensures that the dignity and compassion we all deserve remains front and center in institutional caring . While  health care settings struggle to be the caring environments they are chartered to be, the strain of caring for the elderly and infirm create challenges in retaining the compassion and quality of life that every human being deserves.

Dignity supports 3 spheres in the health care orbit: Patients, Families and Healthcare Professionals.

The platform is embedded in  therapeutic and health care facilities throughout Israel.

Dignity :

·        Relieves loneliness

·        Improve quality of life

·        Builds on innate strengths and resources,

·        Fosters meaning and belonging.

·        Reduces anxiety about illness and end of life

·        Enhances meaning and hope

The Dignity platform is a model that sees the person at the center, and recognizes the value for a system based approach to quality of life.

Dignity: Because caring, compassion and dignity are central to true well-being.

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