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Conversation Project – The Choice is Yours

An interactive three hour workshop utilizing a pivotal, tangible "conversation kit"

You have insured your future – finances, housing and education. Have you insured your future quality of life?

Is it important to you that decisions made for you if and when you are unable to make decisions for yourself, reflect your values and the way that you live your life today?

Have you discussed your feelings with the people closest to you?

This interactive user-friendly kit helps people discuss wishes regarding their end-of-life-care. The Conversation Project kit clarifies important issues that often come up when it is “too late” and the personal whose care is being discussed is unable to convey his or her wishes.

People who have used the Conversation Piece kit testify that they were able to conduct an open, sharing experience.  Using this kit helps the person-facing end-of-life achieve hope that his or her quality of life will be upheld and wishes respected.  For the general public and health-care professionals who are committed to guiding their patients in life’s most challenging hours.

   Life’s Door is proud to have been selected as the first organization to launch The Conversation Project outside of   the USA.  In collaboration with



It is not easy to talk about end of life issues, but this can be one of the most meaningful conversations you have with your client or with your loved ones.

A new workshop for attorneys, “The conversation”, is a unique project for attorneys who have been certified to notarize a Lasting Power of Attorney.

The conversation workshop for attorneys provides a structured approach to create a conversation about quality of life at the end of life. This conversation improves decision-making processes and reduces stress, distress and family conflict during critical periods.

The conversation workshop helps increase confidence and comprehensive understanding of the client’s needs during a crisis and adds a personal element to what would seem to be a technical process.

As part of Life’s Door’s approach, which focuses on the patient, we are offering the conversation workshop at a one-time special price of only  65 NIS.

The workshop is recommended by Professor Shmuel Reis, the Academic Director of the Center for Medical Education of the Faculty of Medicine at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and Dr. Dan Rohrman, the Director of the Tsur Hadassah clinics, and the Mishan Network.