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Conversation Circles – Self Care for Professionals

Fortifying Empathy and Hope ; Enhancing Patient Care

Healthcare professionals represent some of society’s most caring individuals. They combat disease and make critical life-and-death decisions daily. The emotional load is immense – it is one of the main causes of burnout and .emotional fatigue; symptoms that are often ignored. Conversation Circles addresses this void

Conversation Circles is a self-care-tool for healthcare professionals that supports good patient care through fortification of empathy and hope. It provides a venue for exploration and of communication; hearing the “other”, validating and supporting one another to find meaning and strength.

In the Conversation Circles, a series of group sessions with teams of doctors, we generate a process which gives:

  • Skills and communication channels, with the emphasis on mutual listening tools, strengthening a sense of meaning, satisfaction, the ability to work effectively as a team and to understand the added value of emotional talking with colleagues.
  • Additional tools for prevention of burnout and compassion fatigue among professionals
  • Tools for self-care and improved function include: introspection, mindfulness and self-compassion, discussions with colleagues, and ways of dealing with people in difficult situations.
  • Tools for conversation with patients and family members until the end of life and for making decisions which influence the quality of life.
  • Understanding the added value of conversation about death for the patient and family members and ways of coping with the barriers to such a conversation.
  • Understanding the necessity of processing thoughts and feelings about death in general and ‘my’ death in particular.