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A Shared Israel – Diaspora Journey: Caring Communities

Caring.  Acceptance.  Togetherness. Hope.  These universal needs are addressed in the Caring Communities initiative.

Caring Communities is a collaborative initiative that provides supportive services, on-going education and resources for healthcare professionals & others to learn, share best practices and establish an intra-denominational community.

Experience has proven that the collective efforts of collaborative partners achieve higher impact than the efforts of each individual partner alone.  Life’s Door has developed an innovative Caring Communities program to bridge and impact Israeli and Diaspora communities, together. 

This exciting new initiative fulfills multiple needs.  It enhances the tool-set of professionals on both sides of the ocean by providing a venue for learning from one another and sharing best practices; it supports community members facing end-of-life and it elevates hope.  In addition Caring Communities provides young professionals with a new entry point to the broad tent of Judaism; new connections with the local Jewish community & Israel.