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Zimrat Ya

For Russian-speakers

We were honored to be among the first supporters of spiritual care providers for the Russian-speaking community

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Program for training volunteers to work in the homes of mourning families

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B’kavod U’beyedidut (IFCJ)

Program for training volunteers for elderly people living at home

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Yad Sarah

Lectures on ethical issues at the end of life and role reversal between the sick person and their family

Also, training volunteers in Arad

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Kupat Cholim Klalit, Jerusalem (Klalit HMO)

“Conversation Circles” for clinics in the Jordan Valley


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Barkai (Rabbis Creating a Community)

Working with community rabbis; training with spiritual care tools

Group discussions with wives of community rabbis – using tools of “wellbeing’ in the community


Bayit BaLev (A Home in the Heart, live-in center for the elderly), Kfar Saba

Ma’a lot project with Spiritual Care Provider Orly Isacov

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Live-in Center for the Elderly, Tzefat

Ma’a lot project with Spiritual Care Provider Ziona Achishena

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Beit Hadar Medical Center, Ashdod

Ma’a lot project with Spiritual Care Provider Avi Dredik

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Neve Amit countrywide chain of live-in centers for the elderly

Ma’a lot project with Spiritual Care Provider Sara Weinstein, Rehovot

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Nof HaEmek live-in center for the elderly in Nazareth

Ma’a lot project with SWpiritual Care Provider Ilana Raz

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Misgav Ladach Hospital, Jerusalem

Ma’a lot project with Dina Hertz

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Marathon Israel

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The Israel Spiritual Care Network of Organizations

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ABA Association for Live-in Centers for the Elderly

This year we participated in a national conference sponsored by the organization and Prof. Ben Corn, chairman of Life’s Door, spoke about the connection between hope and healing.

The Israeli Organization for Complementary Medicine

This year, our head of spiritual care, Hanna Klebansky, participated in a panel and talked with the audience about culture-sensitive support for quality of life.

The Israeli Society for Medical Education

On January 4, 2016 we will participate in a lecture at a conference headed by the Society in the medical faculty which dealt with burnout, compassion burnout and emotional resilience among doctors.

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Lecture for social workers



Conversation Circles


mishan - network for nursing homes

The Conversation Project for profesionals


עמדא - עמותה לחולי דמנציה


The Conversation Project for families of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.